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Unlock Your Full Potential with FordPassTM

Effortlesss Connectivity
Connect to your Ford, wherever you are. Want to download the FordPass app at a later point? You can still create a FordPass account on-site.

Seamless Travel
Always arrive on time. Get to your destination faster with real-time Live Traffic updates.* Find things to do instantly. Find and share destinations with your car. Spend less time going round in circles. Find the best parking spot at the best price. Find fuel at the best price. FordPassTM lets you find the cheapest petrol en route.
Local Hazard Information with Ford Pass Pro | Bolands Ford Wexford

Local Hazard and Up-to-Date Traffic Information

FordPass Connect can alert you to local driving hazards, such as road works, objects in the road or even a broken-down vehicle up ahead. Your Ford receives information from any nearby connected vehicles, as well as other local sources, such as the public incident database. If your vehicle is informed of an approaching hazard, a warning will be displayed in the digital display telling you the type of hazard and its distance from you. This enables you to be better prepared and, if necessary, find an alternative route.

Live Traffic§ enhances your SYNC 3 Navigation system* by delivering up to date traffic updates. This is our most accurate and up to date navigation system ever, and includes traffic information for all roads, rather than just the major roads. The technology then adjusts your recommended route based on the traffic conditions, helping you to arrive more relaxed and on time.
Added Peace of Mind with Ford Pass Pro | Bolands Ford Wexford

Added Peace of Mind

eCall†† is a potentially life-saving feature that’s designed to reduce the time between a serious accident occurring and assistance being provided by the emergency services. In the unlikely event of an accident, FordPass Connect can automatically place an eCall†† to the emergency services and provide them with your vehicle’s location. You can also press an SOS button in your car to contact the emergency services directly if you witness an accident or require emergency assistance.
Imagery and information shown throughout this website may not reflect latest ROI specifications, colours may vary, options and/or accessories may be featured at additional cost and locations and vehicles used may be outside of the ROI. Ford policy is one of continuous product development. The right is reserved to change specifications, colours of the models and items illustrated and described on this website at any time.

[†]This is the recommended retail price for the model shown excludes; optional extras, promotions, delivery and dealer related charges.
**All-New Kuga PHEV Price includes the SEAI grant (5,000 EURO) and the VRT rebate (2,500 EURO). Private customers only. Exclusions apply.
[‡]This is the recommended retail price for the model shown excludes; optional extras, promotions, delivery and dealer related charges.
[§]Live Traffic and Local Hazard Information are complementary for initial trial period following the purchase; thereafter a license fee is payable.
[*]Sync 3 Navigation is an optional extra.
[††]eCall is a European Commission initiative which mandates an in-vehicle system that calls emergency services if an automatic eCall event is activated by detection of a serious road accident, or if a manual eCall is triggered by a vehicle occupant. Available on new Ford Focus only.
[‡‡]Wi-Fi Hotspot (up to 4G) includes complementary wireless data trial that begins at time of activation and expires at the end of 3 months or when 3GB of data is used, whichever comes first. Afterwards a subscription to Vodafone is required, refer to their website for detail of their data packages. To take advantage of the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot capability, a 2018 Ford vehicle must come with the appropriate hardware, and a data plan is required. Data coverage and service is not available everywhere and terms of your data plan, including applicable message and data rates, may apply.