The power of choice.

When it comes to embracing positive energy and finding a better way to move forward, look no further than the Hyundai TUCSON. In addition to its revolutionary design and a wide array of safety features, Tucson comes with a choice of three progressive powertrains – diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid.


As exciting in looks as it is to drive, Tucson delivers better right across the spectrum. Its strikingly designed front wing with parametric hidden lights makes every journey outstanding, no matter the destination. Not to mention its intelligent mild hybrid system which saves you fuel and provides additional torque when you need it most.
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Tucson Hybrid is more than the perfect balance of bold and sleek aesthetics; it also offers dynamic and fuel-efficient performance at every turn. Its 6-speed automatic transmission guarantees smooth gear changes and a fuel-efficient drive. The spacious interior, ambient lighting and panorama sunroof ensure you’re just as comfortable on the inside as you look from the outside.
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TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid

Maximum fuel efficiency without compromising on the beloved SUV feeling makes Tucson Plug-in Hybrid the definition of a better way forward. Its powerful and efficient powertrain lets you choose between petrol and electric when it suits you most, for low-emission mobility. Additionally, a 7.2 kW on-board charger means whether at home, or at the office, finding a place to conveniently recharge is never far away.
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starting from €36,345†

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TUCSON Hybrid.

starting from €39,045†

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TUCSON Plug-in Hybrid

starting from €42,295†

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*Excludes Metallic Paint, Delivery & Related Charges.


There are different options for different lifestyles. A plug-in hybrid can provide electric-only power for short commutes, with the flexibility of having a conventional petrol or diesel engine for longer distance driving. If you live in a rural area or simply want to use electric power to go further on a litre of petrol, then a hybrid might be the right choice. Whereas a mild hybrid might be the right choice for those looking to reduce emissions and improve their fuel economy during everyday commutes or weekend getaways.
Plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) give you the best of both worlds. Electric when you want it. Petrol when you need it. They can be conveniently charged via a regular home wall socket, with many drivers choosing to have a wall-mounted charging point installed at home for faster charging. Alternatively, when you’re out and about, PHEVs can be easily charged at ever-increasing public charging stations in your local area. Once the electric-only range is depleted, the PHEV switches seamlessly back to the petrol or diesel engine so you can go as far as you need to – and plug in to recharge later.
While the environmental benefits of emissions-free driving are clear, there are also other advantages. Plug-in hybrids can be conveniently charged at home meaning you’re never out of fuel for short distances. Hybrids reduce overall fuel consumption, are generally more environmentally friendly than traditional cars and because the battery charges while driving, you’ll save time in petrol stations as well as money. Whereas mild hybrids deliver excellent fuel economy while lowering emissions without having to compromise on performance.

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