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Dynamic. Powerful. Efficient

Today's technology makes it possible to produce higher levels of power and torque from smaller engines - greater power, reduced fuel consumption



A Look that Inspires Adventure

The interior of the all-new Tucson complements the expressive and uncluttered design of the exterior. Instruments and controls are grouped optimally according to function to maximise ease of use and driving pleasure


Connective ports are provided to connect the majority of personal music players including USB memory devices. Plug'n'play for instant audio satisfaction with the Tucson's user-friendly interface and superior sound.



Steering Wheel

A control tower, in your hands. Make all the adjustments you need on the steering wheel, including audio remote control, Bluetooth phone control, auto cruise control and Flex Steer™ system. It's even got built-in heaters for chilly days.

Technological Intelligence


Advanced 4-Wheel Drive Systemic Transmission

The combination of Advanced Traction Cornering Control (ATCC) and state-of-the-art 4WD engagement system delivers secure agility and stability even in extreme driving conditions.

A New Level of Safety

When we say the Hyundai Tucson changes everything, we mean it. That's why it comes packed with advanced sensory technologies that go beyond simply passively waiting to help, to actively monitoring road conditions to keep you and your passengers safe.

Advanced Traction Cornering Control (ATCC)

By directing torque to the wheels with the most grip (torque vectoring), ATCC enhances cornering performance and safety of 4WD models. It also actively applies measured braking to the inside rear wheel.

Vehicle Stability Management (VSM)

On wet or slippery roads, Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) helps you drive with extra confidence by monitoring the road conditions, and uses subtle adjustments of the throttle via the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) to ensure maximum stability.

Downhill Brake Control (DBC) and Hill-start Assist Control (HAC)

Hill start and steep roads? Second nature to the All-New Tucson. DBC automatically applies the right amount of brake pressure to maintain a safe and steady descent, while HAC briefly holds the brakes to avoid roll-back.

Advanced High Strength Steel

All-New Tucson has achieved class leading structural rigidity thanks to the intelligent use of advanced high strength steel - which also offers comprehensive road noise reduction, keeping the cabin quiet and peaceful.



From 26.245
16" alloy wheels
Manual air conditioning
Bluetooth with Voice Recognition
Roof Rack
Rear Parking Assist system

Comfort Plus

From 28,995
17" wheels
Auto air Conditioning and rear outlets
Side Repeater
Flex steering
Glove box cooling


From 29,745
Sat Nav
Shark Fin antenna
8 inch touch screen
Rear view camera
Front seat warmers

Executive SE

From 31,995
Leather seats
Android Auto and Apple CarPlay
19" alloy wheels
Continental Tyres


From 33,495
Panoramic sunroof
ECM mirror
Rain sensor

Premium Plus

From 36,995
Blind spot detection
Lane change assist
Rear cross traffic alert
heated steering wheel
Rear seat warmer